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International Workshop on Raw Materials in Circular Economy
From Tuesday 10 December 2019
To Wednesday 11 December 2019
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Workshop description

The two-day International Workshop on “Raw Materials in Circular Economy” is organized in the European framework oftheHub -Regional Center Southern Italy- MEDINHUB(, and funded by the EITKIC RawMaterials.The Regional Innovation HubMEDINHUB, coordinated by ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), is hosted at Brindisi Research Center.The main focus of the Hub - Regional Center Southern Italy is devoted to recycling and reuse, substitution, functional materials for manufacturing, innovative materials for transportation, circular economy, including urban mining, exploration and high-impact cross-KIC activities in key interdisciplinary sectors such as climate, digital, manufacturing.The Strategic Agenda of the Hub - Regional Center Southern Italy includes specific initiatives such as research and innovation, training and education, and finally business support.The aim of the workshop is to promote and support the regional ecosystem on raw materials and the efficient use of resources by connecting the stakeholders of the Knowledge Triangle (Enterprise, Research, University) of the Mediterranean Area, giving an international dimensionto interested companies and startups. The final goal is to enhance the ranking of the Southern Italy, including Lagging Mediterranean Area, assigned by European Innovation Scoreboardas “Moderate Innovation”.Representatives of the KIC EIT RawMaterials, international scientific experts and company managers will take part in the event. Institutional representatives and policy-makers at local, national and international level (representatives from the EC, Ministries, Regions) are also invited, together with stakeholders in the Mediterranean Area, in order to increase awareness on the issues covered by the workshop and evaluate new possible joint actions.The participation of European managers from EIT RawMaterials, JRC, S3 regional executives, innovators, researchers, startuppers, company managers, technical officers, EEN and BridgEconomies officials, should be highlighted. The financial instruments made available by KIC for stakeholders in the RawMaterials and cross-KIC (Climate, Digital, Food, Manufacturing) sector will be illustrated for matchmaking to address upcoming calls. During the second day, a visit to the ENEA laboratories and local S&T park will be also included.

More information

  • Michele Penza, Coordinator of Regional Center Southern Italy, Brindisi
    Head of ENEA Laboratory Functional Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Applications -
  • Marco Alvisi, Technical Manager, ENEA Depar tment for Sustainability -
  • Valeria De Petris, Administration and Finance Officer, EIT RawMaterials CLC-South, Rome -
  • Pier Luigi Franceschini, Director of Innovation Hub EIT RawMaterials CLC-South, Rome -
  • h

event agenda

Location ENEA - Brindisi Research Center - Auditorium Cittadella della Ricerca Strada Statale 7, Appia, km 706 - 72100 Brindisi