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Mining in challenging environments

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Created: 27-11-2020

Changed: 27-11-2020


Innovative Technologies far lntelligent and Sustainable Mining

Throughout its existence, humanity has depended on the earth for its survival. The surface provides water, crops, fruits, grazing for livestock and more, but below the surface there is a diverse quantity of raw materials that are vital for today's modem day living and that we need to use sustainably without jeopardising supplies for future generations.

Europe faces great challenges in securing raw materials in a sustainable way due to high reliance on imports, increasing consumption and decreasing quality and availability of resources.
Exploration and mining activities forms the initial part of the raw materiai value-chain. Mining in Europe needs greater support in arder to secure and sustain this vital part of the value chain. The industry is facing surmounting challenges today, such as, deeper mining, social licence to operate, access to land, higher production rates, but at a lower cast and more challenging environments, both underground and on surface. At the same time, the industry needs access to a new highly skilled generation of entrepreneurial mining professionals and a better wider-society understanding and acceptance of the whole industry.
To meet these challenges, new innovative mining technologies, research and education are required through bridging of business, research and education, to enable a sustainable, efficient and successful mining industry now and in the future.
Europe is the birthplace of modem exploration technologies and mining. Through its vision 'To develop raw materials into a major strength far Europe'. EIT RawMaterials aims to build up Europe's minerai extraction industry, providing opportunities through the development of innovative, smart and efficient technologies, specialist higher education with an added focus on entrepreneurship, and integration of the enti re raw materiai value chain.