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EIT RawMaterials Hub - Regional Center Southern Italy

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Develop and improve processing

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Created: 27-11-2020

Changed: 27-11-2020


Processing of primary and secondary resources is a vital link in the raw materials value chain. Improving, innovating and rethinking the processes and technologies involved can open up new business opportunities which are more efficient and have less of an environmental impact. New processes and technologies in processing can potentially reshape the idea of what a resource is and secure supplies of raw materials for the future.
When it comes to processing, European industries and research institutions have both long-standing experience and an extensive knowledge base. They provide state-of-the art solutions for processing resources -solutions that are utilised across the globe.
However, these modern-day solutions face a number of challenges -fluctuations in resource quality, the introduction of new resources, increased safety demands, environmental impact, and increasingly rapid changes in demands and markets. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure an efficient transfer of knowledge within the skilled processing workforce so that it can be retained by newer generations. EIT RawMaterials has set out to meet these challenges by supporting and facilitating the improvement and creation of innovative processing methods and technologies. In turn, these will catalyse new business opportunities for the processing of both primary and secondary resources. Within EIT RawMaterials' unique and comprehensive community covering the entire raw materials value chain, such developments can be matched with needs and demands -both upstream in the mining and mineral exploration sectors as well as downstream in the recycling, substitution and circular economy sectors.