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EIT RawMaterials Hub - Regional Center Southern Italy

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Exploration going for new discoveries

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Created: 26-11-2020

Changed: 26-11-2020


Exploration activities are the initial step in the raw material value chain. The industry faces an increasing number of challenges, such as the need for deeper exploration, the need for exploration under cover, the need to increase efficiency in terms of cost and resources, and the need for exploration in more challenging environments. At the same time, the industry needs access to highly skilled, entrepreneurial exploration professionals and must promote a better understanding and acceptance of the exploration industry within wider society.
To meet these challenges, and to secure sustainable, efficient and successful exploration for the future, Europe needs new exploration technologies, innovative research and advances in education. EIT RawMaterials will facilitate all of this through bridging and synergies of knowledge from industry, research and education.
Europe is the birthplace of modern exploration technology and industry. Through its vision To develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe: EIT RawMaterials aims to rejuvenate the strength of the European mineral exploration industry, providing opportunities through the development of innovative, smart and efficient technologies, specialist higher education with an added focus on entrepreneurship, and integration of the entire raw material value chain.