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Sulcis International Meeting: Raw Materials for Circular Economy

20 November 2020 - time: 9:00 - 15.00 CET - EIT RawMaterials & Associazione Mineraria Sarda Joint Symposium -  Registration required

Since three years, the EIT RawMaterials, Associazione Mineraria Sardaand Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Cagliariare collaborating aiming at:

  • discussing new raw materials supply strategies, based on the identification of new mining sites, on the environmental remediation of closed mining sites and on the value recovery from end-of-life goods through circular economy approaches
  • disseminate within the society the science and the technology on which is based the raw materials supply, and their use and exploitation to obtainour daily life goods on which is based our well-being
  • involve politicians, entrepreneurs and industrialists in these discussions, in order to generate the virtuous cycle that leads from the political decision-maker to investments in innovative technologies through support for entrepreneurship, including young people.

This collaboration is now reaching its third stage. During the joint symposium in 2020, scientists, researchers, industrial managers, entrepreneursand policy makers will discuss on raw materials and the circular economy topics. During the morning, successful cases and new points of view will be presented on the theme of end-of-life goodsvalue recovery.

Through the afternoon matchmaking events, already ongoing collaborations will be consolidated, and new initiatives between research, industry and universities will be promoted. At the same time, new European funding instruments to support the innovative entrepreneurship will be introduced to the audience.


On-line event: ZOOM platform - The free of charge registration should be applied to link